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Luzchem Xenon Series

Xenon Photoreactors all include a 300W ceramic xenon lamp, adjustable lamp output, an integrated shutter and an experiment timer. All kits include safety glasses, chamber bulkhead connection, and exhaust hookup. These reactors are frequently used in pharmaceutical labs and for photovoltaic development/testing.

  • SolSim2

SolSim2 is the ultimate solution for solar simulation! Our state-of-the-art simulator is designed to match the ASTM G173-23 AM1.5 solar spectrum over the spectral interval of 310-800 nm, which is among most commonly referenced solar spectrum. With an ozone-free design, Solsim2 is ultra-convenient to set up, as ventilation is not required unless your experimental byproducts require it.


The comprehensive package includes a powerful 300 W xenon lamp, variable output power, and all the required filters for matching the AM1.5 solar spectrum. The chamber also includes a bulkhead connector for gases or liquids, an integrated shutter, and an automated experiment timer, and a door interlock to keep you safe. The unit has a chamber door interlock and comes with safety glasses and an integrated chamber exhaust with tubing for maximum safety during use.

SolSim2 also includes a calibrated Light Meter (Sunmeter) for AM1.5 matching, as well as the relevant solar spectral data. With Luzchem’s Solsim, you can be confident that you are getting accurate and reliable solar simulation.


Certified compliant with ICH guidelines option 1 (includes filters required for ICH compliance).  Xenon photoreactor includes ozone-free 300W ceramic xenon lamp, shutter, dimmer, digital timer, bulkhead connector for gases, safety goggles and a safe exhaust system included.  Certification includes mapping of energy distribution in the chamber.
Ozone-free ceramic xenon (300W) photoreactor, includes shutter, 2" round filter adapter (filter holder and filters sold seperately) and digital timer allowing exposure from a few seconds to 99 hours.  Bulkhead connector for gases, safety goggles and safe exhaust system included.


创新材料研发必备的仪器设备含: 真空溅镀激光分子束外延系统;反射式静态和动态超高速记录动态三维形貌显微镜...

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